Saturday, January 29, 2011

Upcoming Tour Dates, ep release and Ghost Town video

A few dates for your diary... Well our diary at least!

Thur 27/01 DimeStore Recordings, Sweeney's Mongrel, Dublin.
More info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=182624871771048

Sat 05/02 Supporting P Affection at their album launch, The Late Lounge, Kill, Co. Kildare.
More info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=186642214693928

Mon 07/02 The Glór Sessions, The International Bar, Dublin

Wed 09/02 Danny Byrnes, Mullingar

Fri 11/02 Supporting Ronan O'Snodaigh, The Gonzo Theatre, Cavan.
More info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=119243371480367

Sat 12/02 Amnesty International Cafe, Galway 4 p.m.

Sat 12/02 The Stables, Supporting P Affection

Wed 16/02 The Song Room, The Globe, Dublin

Sat 19/02 The Stables, Charity Fundraiser
More info: http://www.stableslive.com/

More TBC

Winter's Requiem e.p.

It's almost upon us! Winter's Requiem will be released digitally on 01/02/2011. Those of you on our mailing list will get it sent to you for free and with no effort at all on 31/01/2011. So if you have friends who you think might enjoy Arrow in the Sky, get them to send an email to arrowinthesky@gmail.com and we'll include them in the pre-release madness!

Ghost Town Video
We (well mostly Vincent Kearney) made a video for Ghost Town and it should be going live on YouTube on 01/02/2011. We would really appreciate you watching, sharing, and asking for it on the radio!!! We think it'll sound very nice on the radio actually!

Friday, December 10, 2010

For to celebrate Christmas

We're giving away the first track from our second ep, Winter's Requiem! It's called Promises and it's nice! WR won't be out til the New Year so thought you might enjoy hearing a bit as we have been sitting on it for too long now!!!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Too much news!

I've been a bit lazy with the internet of late! So much news has built up! So in no particular order:

* Shayne Byrne departed his ways from ours and is forging ahead with his solo career with break neck speed! Listen here:


* We have recorded, mixed and mastered our second ep, Winter's Requiem, which is still open for having a cover done for it, for which there be prizes!!!

* My daughter Emma turned 1! I promised to make her some Hydrogen gas, but as of yet I have not found a suitable storage device.

* Brian was made redundant! Yipee! ;)

* Myself and my partner bought a house and have been doing it up for the last few months... Which is the main reason all has been quiet on the internet/music front. The hard work is mostly done so I'm revving up again with the booking the dates and all that jazz.

* Leslie Nielson died :(

* We were on the telly... TG4 counts right?

Ok so I can't remember most of the stuff that's happened since we last blogged... Sorry!

We played in Tullamore recently at the Irish Decompression, which is a Burning Man related project... We had serious reservations... Well, I say that, Brian had reservations, I thought it would be jolly good fun! In fact it was so much fun I couldn't enjoy it! We didn't plan for that much fun, that was the problem, and had to go home while the night was still young! Needless to say we'll be back next year, if they'll have us.

P.S. Brian came out the far end of the experience with a big smile on his face, though that had a lot to do with the alcohol he had consumed...

The next post involves free music!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mandolin Café

The fine folk at Mandolin Cafe have been kind enough to feature Verbal Waltz on their website! If you follow the link above you can also download the track for free!

In other news, Do What Thou Wilt is now available on iTunes in it's new 5 track form. We're going to be flogging it while on tour in April!

Friday, March 5, 2010

April Showers Tour and Tall Poppy Club lovelyness

We played at the Tall Poppy Club in the Spirit Store last night (Wed 03/03) and I just wanted to say a big thanks to Ken and Stephen for having us back!

The Tall Poppy Club is a sessions type night held every month downstairs at the Spirit Store in Dundalk. It takes place in what I assume is an old living room. We've played there twice now and are looking forward to returning already!

Both times we've played we've gone full on acoustic, though there is a PA there, and this time we felt a lot of quiet love!!! I think we sound our best in that room...

Tall Poppy Club

April Showers Tour

Here are the confirmed dates for our April tour, More to be announced soon so check back here or go to our myspace,

March 18th Whelan's Dublin (upstairs) (Supporting Peter Doran)

March 31st The Globe Song Room Dublin

April 8th The Cobblestone Back Room Dublin (Supported by Sarah Gleeson)

April 9th McGinnitys Cavan

April 12th International bar Glór Sessions Dublin

April 16th The Pier House Unplugged at the Pier Howth

April 17th Etwo Record Store Day Mullingar

April 17th The Stables Mullingar (Supporting Yngve and the Innocent)

April 19th Sin é Dublin

April 23rd Boyle's Slane (Supported by Peter Doran)

May 1st Vantastival Louth Paddy Mirage Stage

May 5th The Sitting Room Sessions Debarra's Clonakilty

May 7th McCarthy's Bar Dingle

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get Your Crayons Out!!!

News and EP Artwork Competition!

We have been locked away in Cellar Studios for the past two weeks laying down demos for our next release, tentatively titled 'Se Débrouiller.' We've recorded a lot of tracks and will be recording a lot more in the weeks to come, so look out for little sneak sonic peeks in the future.

We'll be back in the studio after our upcoming tour (more details on that coming very soon) to get the job done all proper like. We're pencilling in, very lightly so it can be erased easily, an early July release/tour.

The Competition!

We are running a competition for the cover of 'Se Débrouiller' with some spiffy prizes going to the winner!!!

All one has to do is send us an email (arrowinthesky@gmail.com) with ones cover design idea before the 1st of May.

We will then pick the best cover and hand the prizes on over!

Send us anything from stick men to photographs to finished Illustrator images!!!

The Prizes!

The winner will receive:

  • A 12" canvas print of their artwork as it appears on 'Se Débrouiller' signed by the band.
  • A signed copy of 'Se Débrouiller' before it gets released to the general public.
  • 2 signed copies of 'Do What Thou Wilt,' both the ltd. ed. first run and the reissue digipack which has slightly different bits and pieces! (More on that soon!)
  • Free entry to the show of your choice, backstage passes and all that jazz.

    Best of all:

  • Arrow in the Sky will come and play for you and your friends at your house!

Two runners up will receive a copy of both E.P.s!

All entries will receive a free mp3 of an unreleased track!

Send your entries to arrowinthesky@gmail.com with the title EP COMP to be in with a chance of winning.

Closing date is 30th of April.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do What Thou Wilt


We recently got the finger out and put our debut ep up for download on all the major sites... Click the link above to go to the iTunes lad or just search for us at your preferred site... If you can't find us, come back and give out to me!!!

Also, we been busy with the youtube page, adding lots of bits and pieces for your amusement, check it out here:


The pieces are starting to fall into place...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

According to Plan

I guess things don't always go that way!!!

Back in October, we were planning to keep ourselves as busy as possible right up til the end of the year. Then Shayne moved to Carlow. Then my girlfriend went and had a baby! So we decided to cool the jets until 2010 and make it a year for arrow.

Allow me to present my little baby Emma;

So everything I said in October will now begin!


Sunday, October 4, 2009


Here we shall blog, podcast, whatnot, etc, et. al.!

Right now Shayne is in Ballinasloe engineering sound at a festival. Brian is in Athlone playing with Darragh J. And I'm sitting at a computer typing...

Just watched 'Fireflies in the Garden', I had my doubts but it was actually quite enjoyable really!

Where we are at
The plan at the moment looks like this:

We've got enough cash moneys to print up the next batch of eps. It'll come in a lovely digipack with new artwork... Maybe!
Once that's printed we'll have it in a select number of stores and obviously still sell it online and at gigs.
Next we'll be doin an Irish tour, something like the last 17 days straight, or maybe a little less and more spread out.
Then we'll look at playing some English dates.

That should bring us up to the end of the year when we'll turn our attentions to recording number two... We've got stacks of new material, some demoed, some not.

Keep checking back for more as it happens!